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TV, Monitor and CRT Pick Up

Tracy Disposal will now pick up TV's, computer monitors or any other devices with cathode ray tubes (CRT's) at no charge. Simply call the Tracy Disposal office at 209-835-0601 and schedule a pick up with a customer service representative. You will need to provide your name and address at the time you arrange for the service.

Pick up for CRT's in the County may be scheduled as well, however a nominal fee will apply.

Both county and city residents may also be drop off televisions, monitors and other CRT devices at the Tracy Material Recovery transfer stations (click here for MRF information) at no charge. The "MRF" also accepts all types of batteries smaller than those in vehicles at no charge. Batteries may also be dropped off at Tracy Recycling, located at the corner of MacArthur and 10th Street - Entrance on 10th Street.